Z Wines

A quest for great value wines requires hard work. The makers of many of these wines don’t attract the attention of the popular press. One has to go out and search for them – speak to people in the know in the land where the wines originate; get introductions to the winemakers; taste the wines; share the wines with others along with wholesome regional foods: and then, bring them home.

We searched far and wide; tasted hundreds of wines; got to know the stories of those wines we found appealing and negotiated to represent the wines in the USA. Several hundred leads were slowly but surely whittled down to the wines of about two dozen wineries whose wines really appealed to us. Our initial portfolio offers the wines of six international wineries along with those of a number of small producers from California, Oregon and Washington.

Our goal is to grow the portfolio, but value and quality will always be the guiding principles in bringing new wines onto our book. For us this labor of love will continue.

Share our passion with us!

Taste our wines and we are sure that you will agree that the journey has been worthwhile.